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What our customers love about us

The best deployment time out there

Market-beating 4 week deployment at 20% the cost of other providers. So you can realise value faster.

Easy to use, right from the get-go

Unlock the full potential from day one, without the need for specialist resources.

Your customer data remains yours

Securely access your data and export with ease, at any point. We never hold your data ransom.

Listen to your customers with advanced Conversation Analytics

Transform every conversation into valuable insight.

✓ Analyse 100% of demand
✓ Reduce the need for expensive data specialists
✓ Improve compliance and reduce fines

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Act on your customers preferences with Customer Journey Orchestration

Empower your agents to have better conversations.

✓ Eradicate friction points
✓ Increase brand love and loyalty
✓ Win back control of your conversations

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Upgrade your customer experience
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Learn how to get the best from your team with Performance Management

Nurture, support and engage your best talent.

✓ Take the guesswork out of coaching
✓ Save 100s of wasted admin hours
✓ Empower your agents with data

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Let's turn agents into super stars
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Without TMAC

Find mistakes only when (and if) a customer complains

Multiple compliance faults and lost revenue in fines

High staff turnover and cumbersome coaching

Unreliable random sampling of 1% - 2% of contact

Poor demand management and wasted expenditure

Missed up/cross sell opportunities and reliance on incentives


Preemptively course correct and reduce complaints

Watertight compliance and reduced chance of fines

High staff satisfaction and effective coaching

Complete QA scoring of 100% of conversations

Easily predict demand types and achieve operational efficiency

Promotions at the right time for the right customers

"The things this software does is absolutely unreal"

Martin Anderson, CEO at Lemon Contact

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