Better Decisions, Faster.

Solve your contact centre challenges with TMAC's sustainable and affordable AI and ML solutions.

Better Decisions, Faster.

We live by the 80/20/20 rule:

Deliver 80% of value in 20% of the time and for 20% of the cost of our competitors.

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We're proudly different

Accelerated Approach

We're "modular" because we've done it all before and always repurpose what we can, wherever possible, to provide your business with affordable solutions, faster. 

Generate (0-10 days) - Rapidly understand and plan 

Accelerate (10-20 days) - Build and launch 

Modulate (20+ days) - Fail, learn and iterate 

We value value

Data science, machine learning and AI are expensive and inaccessible, right? Absolutely not. At TMAC we believe that companies of all sizes should have access to the right tools to drive the best customer experiences possible. We pride ourselves on being more affordable than the other guys whilst still delivering the same (or even more) value. 

Insatiably passionate

TMACCERS are different. We are insatiably passionate experts who are as tenacious as we are experienced. We've worked for blue chips and the FTSE 100 and we've seen all the consultancies come and go without providing the value they promise. Why is that? It's because most other consultants don’t really care. But we do - we work with you and your team to deliver value as quickly as possible and take on performance based targets to minimise your risk and maximise your return. 

Quicker result, lower risk

We live by the 80/20/20 rule: we deliver 80% of the value in 20% of the time and for 20% of the cost of our competitors

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