AI Would Agree: ‘Chatbot vs. Rowebot’ with Jim Rowe

Jim Rowe & Paul Banks discuss the best applications of chatbots and why we need to stop worrying that chatbots will replace people

Join us for a talk with chatbot expert Jim Rowe, owner of Jim Rowe-bot Ltd

Jim Rowe has spent the last decade helping businesses to project manage new installations of chatbots or uncover the issues with their existing platform.

In this episode of AI Would Agree TMAC’s Senior Solutions Consultant, Paul Banks, gets together with Jim to chat about the applications (and misapplications) of chatbots, plus why the fear of chatbots replacing people is often misguided.

Jim has a passion for using AI in the right way, ensuring that chatbots are used for the specific things they are good at and dealing with the fallout of some over-promising tech companies.

Watch the full episode of ‘AI Would Agree: Chatbot vs. Rowebot’ here:

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