AI Would Agree: ‘Transparent Leadership in Sales’ with Todd Caponi

Join Todd Caponi & Paul Banks for a chat about all things sales, including why negative reviews aren't always a bad thing

Founder of Sales Melon, Todd Caponi, shares some sales expertise and discusses why activity level data is often driving the wrong behaviours

In this episode of TMAC’s Live series, AI Would Agree, Senior Solutions Consultant Paul Banks is joined by sales leader and self-confessed ‘transparency nerd’, Todd Caponi.

In the discussion Todd challenges activity level data and shows why it can often encourage the wrong behaviours in contact centres, as well as going over his ‘Five F Framework’: Focus, Field, Fundamentals, Forecast and Fun.

As well as the above Todd & Paul also discuss the controversial opinion of how negative reviews can sometimes help sell a product.

To catch up on ‘AI Would Agree: Transparent Leadership in Sales’, you can find the full episode here:

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