AI Would Agree: ‘Unlikely Connections’ with Richard Beaven

A chat with Richard Beaven about the future of conversation analytics with an eye on the insurance industry

MD of Unlike Group, Richard Beaven, shares insight on the insurance industry and an exciting future for conversation analytics

In this episode of AI Would Agree TMAC’s Senior Solutions Consultant, Paul Banks, is joined by former Chief Operating Officer of Brightside Insurance and current Managing Director of Unlike Group, Richard Beaven.

With Richard’s long track record in insurance and keen eye for the contact centre industry, the pair share some fascinating insight regarding the insurance industry, legacy tech debt, and the future of conversation analytics.

As the episode unravels Richard speaks about the fascinating realm of data, a currently untapped resource for many companies that could be the key to improving business decisions and actionable insights.

Catch up on the full episode of ‘AI Would Agree: Unlikely Connections’ here:

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