Press Release: Custerian Invest £195k

The Modular Analytics Company are proud to announce a £195k investment from Custerian

MANCHESTER, England – March 23, 2021 –  The Modular Analytics Company (TMAC), a rapidly expanding artificial intelligence and machine learning solution provider, today announces it raised £195k ($270k) in its latest round of angel funding from transformation partner Custerian for its fast, affordable and outcome-focused AI and ML solutions.

TMAC is proudly different, and the industry is taking notice.

The company’s fast, affordable, outcome-driven approach helps clients make better decisions faster.

At the heart of the company are TMACCERS. A group of insatiably passionate experts who are as tenacious as they are experienced. Their goal is to drive work forward for clients in customer engagement, customer service, coaching, and marketing across various sectors, including retail, banking, financial services, and media.

Custerian believes harnessing the power of team collaboration makes more of the right things happen with less risk. They’re pleased to invest in TMAC, whose advisory services and technology are not the ultimate end for clients but are the means to enable, empower and liberate people to create better decisions faster.

“If Covid has taught us anything, it’s that companies who collaborate well to deliver exceptional results for clients at pace, with less risk - affordably offer a real alternative to the BIG fees model of old. Together with TMAC, we know this disruptive approach has become real, and we’re delighted to enable them in this phase of their journey,” says Simon Norie, Co-Founder of Custerian.

Funding from Custerian puts TMAC on track to scale their unique product suite for Q2.

“We are exceptionally pleased to secure an investment from Custerian, who believe in both TMAC’s proven disruptive capability and our talented and driven team,” says Jimmy Hosang, CEO of The Modular Analytics Group. “Their investment is a key factor in our plans to scale our unique product suite across conversational AI, speech analytics, and AI-driven employee coaching.”

Watch the TMAC Talks investor announcement below:

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