Press Release: The Modular Analytics Company Raises £400K in Funding

The Modular Analytics Company Raises $600K in Funding for Innovative and Affordable, Enterprise-ready AI and ML Solutions

MANCHESTER, England – February 23rd, 2021 –  The Modular Analytics Company (TMAC), an artificial intelligence and machine learning solution provider, today announces it raised $600K (£400,000) in its latest round of funding from technology partner Instinctive BI for its innovative and affordable, enterprise-ready AI and ML solutions.

TMAC uses analytics and machine-based learning to empower its clients to make better, faster, and valuable decisions. Speed is a critical factor for TMAC and their clients in customer engagement, customer service, coaching, and marketing across various sectors including, retail, banking, financial services, and media.

Instinctive BI saw the unique approach that TMAC brings to the market, developing innovative and affordable AI and ML solutions that solve specific industry problems, and knew their process was something different that’s not yet available anywhere else.

TMAC CEO, Jimmy Hosang, credits his company’s unique approach to success to three key factors.

“We have a highly replicable approach to AI, so we’re ambitious at the sectors we’re tackling,” say Hosang. “TMAC strives for affordability, and we’re a people business. AI will eventually become commoditized. However, great people will not be commoditized, and with enterprise deployments at a large scale, it’s people with ingenuity, grit, and determination that land transformation. At TMAC, we’re lucky to have such a talented and driven team.”

Instinctive BI plays a crucial role in TMAC’s business trajectory, with its CEO, Nicholas McFadden, serving on TMAC’s Board of Directors. Instinctive BI’s COO, Kelly Scanlon, serves as TMAC’s CFO.

Now with funding from Instinctive BI, TMAC is on target to reach its goals for 2021.

“Instinctive BI's investment and trust in us ensures the prototypes we've been developing over the last two and a half years turn into enterprise-ready solutions, and these products are rolling off the production line as we speak,” says Hosang.

Hosang says TMAC wants to disrupt the market, especially in speech analytics. “We feel speech analytics has been over-priced and oversold for many years, but it’s a rich source of data, and we want to be part of repairing the reputation.”

TMAC has a top-secret project in development that is very close to their hearts.

Hosang says it was born out of the pandemic, even though his team identified the issue long before that. “We have a team working tirelessly on this innovative project, and all will be revealed over the next few months,” adds Hosang.

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Chatting about the recent £400,000 ($600,000) angel investment into TMAC from Instinctive BI. With TMAC CEO Jimmy Hosang, CMO Mike Migliore and IBI CEO Nicholas McFadden and IBI COO/TMAC CFO Kelly Scanlon.

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