Product Update: Customisable Screens & New Menu Designs for Act

Announcing some new features for Act 1.1 that will improve efficiency and UX

What we’re doing to create better UX in our customer journey orchestration platform, Act

In order to continuously enhance our contact centre software, we’re bringing you some brand-new features to customer journey orchestration platform, Act 1.1 (Playbook), that will help improve the user experience for contact centre agents.

The following updates are due to be fully rolled out by the end of July 2022.

Personalised screen layout

As most people reading will know, agents tend to have multiple systems, tabs and applications open to be able to serve customers to the best of their ability. This means that screen real estate is minimal and often crowded, making it crucial for any software used to be designed in an efficient manner.

With this in mind TMAC has redesigned Act so the Next Best Action/Offers and Conversation Panels display effectively on the minimum browser width of 500px. Agents will now be able to customise the layout of their screen depending on personal preference and their browser width.

Agents with their browser in full screen can choose between:

  1. Three different side by side options (25:75, 50:50, 75:25)
  2. Three different stacked options (25:75, 50:50, 75:25)
  3. Viewing in two separate tabs, much like tabs a standard internet browser
Act 1.1: New Screen Layout Options

Agents in a smaller width browser can choose between:

  1. One stacked option (50:50)
  2. Viewing in two separate tabs

In these cases where agents have a smaller browser width to begin with, to avoid any formatting issues the other options will be automatically greyed out and disabled until the user increases the width of their browser window.

To make the platform even more customisable for each individual, in addition to the new screen layouts, users can also switch the order of the Next Best Action/Offers and Conversation Panels using the “Switch Panel” button.

This will allow users to toggle the Offers and Conversation Panels between left/right, top/bottom and first/second tab in a single click.

Act 1.1: Layout Menu & 'Switch Panels' Toggle Button

Improved design of the ‘Reason For Contact’ menu

Finally, to make Act even more user-friendly the ‘Reason for Contact’ menu has undergone a redesign.

Now, the use of indentation and bold text will help users to visualise different levels of intention, which in turn should help agents find the correct option at a faster rate and with less effort required.

Act 1.1: 'Reason For Contact' Menu

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