The Price-Walking Insurance Whitepaper Series

In this series we bring you the latest insight across the Insurance sector and distill powerful research into bitesize chunks.

At TMAC we continually monitor the Insurance sector to identify trends and themes that impact customer needs, wants and desires.

With the ever-changing world and recent changes to government legislation (specifically ‘Price-Walking’ reform), customer-centricity has never been more important for Insurers to build strategies that help you win more customers and hold on to the ones you have for longer.

Price-Walking: What Does it Mean for Customer Retention?

In this paper, we explore the effects of this recent reform and what it means for retention in the Insurance sector.

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The 'Power of Trust' for the Insurance Sector

In this paper, we explore the the power of customer trust, and how it could be the best way for you win customer loyalty.

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The 'Power of Retention' for the Insurance Sector

We explore the latest innovation in customer contact centres and how to best tackle retention across CX, Ops and Revenue teams alike.

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Building a Winning Retention Proposition Beyond Pricing

In the final whitepaper of our Insurance sector series we're helping you build the best winning retention proposition for your contact centre.

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