TMAC Product Updates: Listen & Learn New Features

The latest updates to our Conversation Analytics Platform, Listen, and our Coaching & Performance Management Platform, Learn

Recent and upcoming enhancements to our products, including QA Scorecards and improved Alerts and Targets systems

Rome wasn’t built in a day and as part of the ongoing improvements we make to our software we’re bring you the latest round updates and our new product features.

Today we’re covering QA Scorecards and an improved Alerts system within our Conversation Analytics Platform, Listen (Fonetik), plus a refreshed Targets system for Coaching & Performance Management Platform, Learn (Coach).

Listen 1.1.1: QA Scorecards

Based off client feedback TMAC has deployed the ability to build personalised QA Scorecards based on your own metrics and KPIs, enabling clients to complete Quality Assurance checks across their entire data set.

Clients are now able to create multiple scorecards that are to be applied to either a subset of conversations or all customer interactions. Users can create the subset themselves using the Listen Query Builder. If there are mandatory metrics which are required to be met for a call to be passed, Listen now has an “auto fail” function which will override the call score to 0 if the metric is not passed.

In the near future further improvements to the searching capabilities within the Listen Platform are to be deployed, which will allow users to perform an Advanced Search through all calls using a wide range of criteria such as themes, call sentiment, call duration and much more.

These changes further enhance how customisable Listen is, giving users a greater ability to monitor and understand how effective their customer communication is.

The new QA Scorecard Builder in Listen 1.1.1

Listen 1.2: Improved Alerts

Setting alerts has been part of Listen since day one, but we’re continuing to improve functionality in an upcoming release that will allow users to create alerts based off a combination of criteria such as events, duration, adviser names and much more.

Additionally, the use of email alerts will be deployed, meaning whenever a new transcript is found in the system that meets an alert criteria set in the Alert Builder, the selected users will receive a message straight to their inbox letting them know.

Learn 1.1: Targets

Currently in the testing stages and due to be live for clients within the next fortnight is a new targeting system to help set the best goals for contact centre agents.

Users will now be able to set a target value for each KPI at a daily granularity, which will then be integrated across the platform to enable users (including coaches, managers and agents) to compare performance data versus their set targets.

In addition to the above, further visual improvements based on leading behavioural science are to be included in this update – this includes a refreshed ‘Agent Performance Carousel’ design that presents Agent Performance and aggregate Team Performance when compared to the Targets. Green text shading will be used throughout targets that are being met to give clear indications of performance at a glance.  

The new Homepage design in Learn 1.1

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