Conversation & Speech Analytics

Turn every customer interaction into insight.

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Analyse 100%
of demand

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Reduce the need for data specialists

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Improve compliance and quality, reduce risk

Demand management is complex. We're fixing that.

Unlock insight across your voice and digital channels with a single holistic view of the customer and agent experience.

Read how we helped a leading B2B utilities company achieve 29x ROI

Reduce the need for expensive specialists.

Simplify the complex with intuitive and easy to use dashboards that do all the hard work for you.

See the value we generated for a leading British supermarket and digital retailer

Improve compliance and quality, reduce risk.

Automatically score conversations for quality and behavioural indicators, like customer vulnerability.

See how Conversation Analytics is helping reduce fraud following the pandemic

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Our most used features

Quick to deploy and easy to use - start driving value from day one.

Advanced speech algorithms

Identify complex customer characteristics within conversations.

Machine learning

Search, analyse and categorise demand types.

Automated quality assessment

Replicate your quality scorecard and score 100% of contacts in line with your own custom metrics.

Auto alerts engine

Create alerts based on any data point so you never miss a moment.